Amur ide (Leuciscus waleckii) belongs to the family Cyprinidae. Amur ide (Leuciscus waleckii, Family Cyprinidae) resides widely in the Northeast Asia, including the North China, Far East Russia, Mongolia and KoreaPeninsula.L. waleckiiinhabits fresh water of riversand lakes. It can also survive in saline and alkaline inland water, which is common in the North China and Mongolia where the evaporation is greater than precipitation and inflows. As an extreme instance, L. waleckii can survive in the high alkaline(up to pH 9.6)and saline waters of Lake Dali Nor, which is a typical inland closed-basin lake with unusually high carbonateconcentration. This is a draft genome sequence and transcriptomic analysis of Amur ide, adding this important species to the other sequenced teleosts: cod, fugu, medaka, tetraodon, stickleback and zebrafish. This information provides insight into adaptation to an extreme alkaline-saline environment.

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